IHK ennobles the training with the S-Bahn Berlin.(Deutsche Bahn)

Company receives seal of approval for “Excellent quality of education”
Excellent training – the Chamber of Commerce Berlin (IHK) awarded the quality seal “Excellent education quality” of the S-Bahn, and of all the professions for which a CCI-examination must be taken as final.

“Your company has impressive not only fulfills the criteria in the categories, mandatory ‘and’ excellence ‘, but also a variety of voluntary criteria,” the CCI reasons for its decision and certified as “excellent quality of education”.

To Category obligation include, for example compliance with the Youth Employment Protection Act. Covered by “excellence” criteria such as additional offers for trainees at the start and during training. The S-Bahn offers eg internships abroad.

To the excellent training occupations include:
– driver / Industrial Electrician / -in (train drivers)
– electronics / Technician for Industrial Engineering (vehicle maintenance)
– mechatronics / -in
– Industrial Mechanic / -in (heavy maintenance)
– computer science in business administration / woman

A new profession that is taught in the S-Bahn from 2020, is the electronics for information and technology. Here is already thinking of the future when the new suburban railway vehicles of the series 483/484 go into operation. Special skills must be acquired for the maintenance of special equipment. Michael Hallman, director of vocational training at S-Bahn Berlin: “From 2020, we make the first trainees for the new S-Bahn fit, so they can be used in time in our workshops.”

For the coming academic year, which begins in September, drivers are still needed (apply under deutschebahn.com/karriere ).

For more information about dual training in the S-Bahn Berlin can be found here: https://sbahn.berlin/das-unternehmen/als-arbeitgeber/qualifiziertes-ausbildungsangebot/

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