Construction of the present solve problems of the future.(Deutsche Bahn)

More construction sites – fewer delays last year • Currently 94 percent of Berlin’s railway stations without steps • Web forms solid
The German track is active this year in Berlin / Brandenburg to about 6,400 sites and is investing a total of 522 million euros. Even if the passenger is at the center of the site planning and can provide comprehensive and informing means building usually detours and longer travel times in the replacement buses.

Alexander Kaczmarek, Corporate Representative of Deutsche Bahn for Berlin, says:

“If we do not build today is leaving tomorrow no train. We must therefore importune this year with eleven major construction projects our passengers. One of them is the track renewal on the east ring, which begins on April 8. Although building is temporary closures, but in the end, more capacity, more reliability and punctuality. Good examples are the new Ostkreuz or Karower cross.” 

Although the number of construction sites from 5795 in 2017 rose to 6,253 last year, the punctuality improved regional transport from 94.6 to 95 percent. Well-trained staff are needed for this result. So learn aspiring dispatcher in the operating field Schoeneweide with original signal boxes on a model railroad layout the safe and punctual train operations during construction or in case of failure. From next year are also increasingly virtual reality learning scenarios used.

An ongoing field of activity is the barrier-free access to the stations. Since 2009, the proportion of the Berlin stations whose platforms can be gradually reached without, been increased from 77 to 94 percent. This also means more maintenance and service. The systems are remotely monitored in case of failure to respond quickly. A mid single-digit million amount is spent annually for a total of 230 elevators and 260 escalators.

Information on construction sites, impact on the schedule and travel options are available in the Apps “DB Construction”, “DB Navigator”, the “route agents” Apps of transport as well as under , and deposited.

Blocking of the Eastern Rail Circle: Must passengers know now
Construction between Greifswalderstraße and Schönhauser Allee ⋅ extensive restrictions for a period of six weeks ⋅ replacement bus service with buses
On the eastern Berlin S-Bahn ring, passengers need to set for a period of six weeks limitations.

As of Monday, April 8 4:00 continuously until Monday, May 20 1:30 there will be no train traffic between Greifswalderstraße and Schönhauser Allee. Affected the lines S41, S42, S8, S85 are.
This is due to construction work: replacement of the tracks, renovation and refurbishment of two points a wall.

In addition, on April 15, 4:00, April 29, 1:30 section Schoenhauser Allee is from Monday through to Monday blocked <> Gesundbrunnen because of work on the platform tracks.

Passengers are advised to bypass the blocked sections widely:
With the S and subway lines in north-south and east-west direction or the remaining ring web
The M13 Warsaw road <> Frankfurter Allee <> Bornholmer Strasse
Furthermore, the train offers a replacement bus service with buses, which runs as follows: Landsberger Allee <> Greifswalderstraße <> Prenzlauer Allee <> Schoenhauser Allee <> Gesundbrunnen

Other restrictions:
S9 – In the section Baumschulenweg <> Plänterwald <> Treptow Park S9 Monday to Friday daytime driving only in 20-minute intervals. The diversion via Neukölln is recommended.

The lines S26 and S8 are combined to form a continuous line Teltow City <> Friedrichstrasse <> Bornholmer Strasse <> Blankenburg <> Birkenwerder. That is, the actual S8 as additional S46 (Zeuthen <>) Grunau <> Hermann road and the S26 does not go to Waidmannslust (here please on the S1 dodge).

During the construction work continues following lines run different:
S41 / S42 – Greifswalderstraße <> Ostkreuz <> Suedkreuz <> West Cross <> Gesundbrunnen <> Schoenhauser Allee
Exception of 15-29.4. only: Greifswalderstraße <> Ostkreuz <> Suedkreuz <> West Cross <> Gesundbrunnen
S47 – Spindlersfeld <> Schöneweide (Mon-Fri daytime)
S47 / S8 – Spindlersfeld <> Landsberger Allee (Mon-Fri evening, Sat-Sun)
S8 – runs as S46 (Zeuthen <>) Grunau <> Hermannstraße
S85 – Schöneweide <> Landsberger Allee (Sat-Sun)

Detailed timetable information is available on the Internet at Or to download as a PDF on our website with accurate Umfahrungs recommendations and information on the bus replacement services.

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