Special exhibition “Beer, train and bananas” in the DB Museum.(Deutsche Bahn)

Special exhibition “Beer, train and bananas” in the DB Museum in Nuremberg (Photo: DB Museum / Uwe Niklas)

“Beer, train and bananas” Railway Museum shows peculiarities and curiosities from 180 years rail freight

New exhibition in the open air as a highlight for railway fans • Extensive supporting program with tasting and great beer festival • Children Rally offers • Nine historical freight cars and two locomotives attraction for the whole family
(Nuremberg / Berlin, April 11, 2019) On the museum’s outdoor area the DB Museum Nuremberg presents from April 12, 2019 its new special exhibition “Beer, train and bananas”.

Nine historical freight cars and two locomotives lead the visitors through the history of railway freight transportation – from the first transported on a seat of the Eagle carriage over the almost endless variety of cargo transport to circus elephants and today’s unification by Euro pallet and container.

Museum Director Dr. Oliver Götze:

“With” Beer, train and bananas “we celebrate new ways of Railway Museum. For the first time we show on our outdoor area a designed exhibition of cultural history, both vehicles as well as informative exhibits play a major role in – and this in a particularly entertaining way. “

Starting gun with two barrels of beer
On July 11, 1836, Nuremberg brewer Georg Lederer transported two barrels of beer to Fürth railway station. It follows a long connection between the web and beer. Along the Ludwig South-North Railway breweries are established which export their barley juice over the North Sea ports in the world. And the railway makes in the aftermath of the population not only regional but also international food available. In particular, the banana is to become a symbol of this development.

Historical fleet at the center
The nine exhibited historical freight cars on a specially constructed bridge can be easily explore and most of them also walkable. The vehicles do not only serve as an exhibition space – they themselves are impressive exhibits that tell their own story. So the Klappdeckelwagen from Rüdersdorf leads to the provincial railroad period, while the inscriptions of the fish car recall the “British Zone” after the 1945th

In Banana car and the beer wagon of the brewery Rothaus one can see the wall insulation, with the sensitive goods are protected from heat and cold.

Other boxcars still have a brakeman’s cabin, from which had to be slowed down manually before the introduction of the automatic air brake.

The presentation of the car by two freight locomotives is rounded. The 45010 is the most powerful ever used in Germany steam locomotive and the last specimen of their series. At her side, the electric locomotive E stands 91 99. By 1975, observed the vehicle issued his service.

Historical photographs and miscellaneous transportation equipment accompany the versatile world of freight transport. Addition to the vehicles and the history of the goods issues such as freight advertising helper in freight transport and the profession of brakeman find their place.

The multi-faceted exhibition promises not only an entertaining museum in the open air, but also an experience for the whole family.

Accompanying program with tastings and great beer festival

Accompanying the exhibition, the DB Museum has an extensive summer program with beer tastings, special tours and lectures. Highlight is a big beer festival for Father’s Day on May 30, 2019 – an attraction for the whole family outdoors. Apart from beer, guests can look forward to live music, food and a colorful supporting program.

For small railway fans there from May 2019 children’s rally, at which the issue can be explored playfully. From July also a free guided tour is offered every Sunday at 13 o’clock.

Cooperation with the Bavarian Brewery Museum and Tucher Braeu

The special exhibition “Beer, train and bananas” cooperates Railway Museum, the Bavarian Brewery Museum in Kulmbacher Mönchshof, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It is interesting exhibits for the time of the special loan to.

As part of the celebrations beyond common events are held. Specially for the exhibition is brewed on a limited 400 bottles DB museum beer with special label in the Transparent brewery the Bavarian brewery museum. The sale starts at the beer festival on 30 May.

In addition, the exhibition of the Tucher Braeu GmbH & Co. KG will be supported as part of the accompanying program.

(Photos: DB Museum / Uwe Niklas)