Vossloh secures deals worth €100m for switch components.(www.railway-technology.com)

Auckland City Rail Link project cost swells to $2.97bn 
The cost of building the Auckland City Rail Link, one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in New Zealand, has increased by around NZD1bn ($670m) to NZD4.419bn ($2.97bn).

Vossloh secures deals worth €100m for switch components 
German rail technology company Vossloh has signed multi-year framework agreements with a combined value of up to €100m to deliver switch components to Sweden and Italy.

Network Rail blames helium balloons for rising train delays 
A rising number of straying helium balloons has been blamed for causing hundreds of train delays across the UK every year.

Canada to fund 136 new projects to improve rail safety 
The Government of Canada has announced plans to support 136 new projects and initiatives in a bid to increase rail safety across the country.

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