Conference hears how Virgin Trains has improved customer and employee experience with ServiceNow.(Virgin Trains)

John Sullivan addressing delegates at the Knowledge19 conference .(Virgin Trains Image)
  • Knowledge19 in Las Vegas hears how Virgin Trains has improved IT with ServiceNow
  • Chief Information Officer John Sullivan addressed thousands of delegates
  • Partnership has improved customer experience and operational efficiency

A major international conference has heard how Virgin Trains has revolutionised its information technology to benefit its customers and employees.

In a keynote speech, the Train Operator’s Chief Information Officer, John Sullivan, addressed 20,000 delegates at Knowledge19 in Las Vegas where he outlined the benefits of Virgin Trains’ partnership with cloud-based digital workflow platform provider ServiceNow.

Since going into partnership with Virgin Trains in 2016, ServiceNow, alongside its UK partner UP3, has worked on several projects with the operator including frontline business and Customer Service Management – which has both improved customer experience and operational efficiency.

ServiceNow specialises in simplifying common workplace processes — whether it’s holiday bookings, IT help desk queries or ordering a new company laptop – in turn this helps free up employees to do more complex and meaningful work, as well as fulfil the demands quicker and easier for the person behind the request.

Some of the projects the company has worked on at Virgin Trains include developing a new app that provides front line staff with the latest information train services to keep customers better informed in real time. 

They have also created a new monitoring system for operational staff meaning, for example, that a team can be speedily assigned to fix a train fault and that issues are quickly resolved before customers are even aware of any potential problems.

John Sullivan told the conference last week  – which was also live streamed across the world – the payback period (the length of time required for an investment to recover its initial outlay in terms of profits or savings) of some projects has now been reduced to one day when previously on average a payback period could be a number of years.

John said:

“Our company ethos at Virgin Trains is screw average and create amazing,” “We do that every day. It’s about working as a team to drive innovation and push the boundaries for the benefit of our customers and employees.”

“ServiceNow has been an absolutely brilliant partner and work with us across the business to create a much better working experience, reducing complexity and fostering enterprise.”