Construction from 20 May until JUNE 7: New rails and switches for railway line Berlin – Leipzig.(Deutsche Bahn)

New noise barriers between Teltow Berlin Südkreuz • passenger information in advance about customer media and service personnel • travel time extensions and maintenance outages.

Between 20 May and 7 June, the railway rehabilitated the infrastructure on the Berlin-Leipzig / Halle. Among other things, the rails are relaid and renewed eight points in the station Teltow. In addition, DB between Teltow and Berlin Südkreuz built on around 170 meters new noise barriers. The railway has optimized the work with a view to impact on passengers. So a special switch transport wagon is used, which significantly reduces the lock time.
The travel times of the ICE trains between Berlin and Leipzig are prolonged due to the necessary diversions to about 30 minutes. The stop in Berlin Südkreuz eliminated. At the intermediate holding Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and Bitterfeld there are changes to the arrival and departure times as well as individual failures. Due to the season extension, the departure and arrival times can move at individual holding. The adjusted travel times and maintenance failures are incorporated in the information and accounting systems. Currently, the train affected by schedule changes with references are provided to the upcoming changes. 

Also in the regional transport there is a change. Broad RE3 are canceled between Berlin Central Station and Ludwigsfelde. Travelers use the train between Berlin and Teltow city. Teltow between city and Ludwigsfelde drive replacement buses with connection in Ludwigsfelde at the RE3. Broad RE 5 fall between Berlin Central Station and Blankenfelde out, here it is recommended to use the S-Bahn. As a result of long-distance traffic diversions and the features of the RB22 between Ludwigsfelde-Struveshof and King Wusterhausen fall out that are in this section replaced by buses. The features of ODEG (RE4) are affected by the construction and fall in sections of. 

The railway informs its passengers before starting work on their customer media and DB Navigator as well as locally through notices in stations and customer service in the travel centers. The railway recommends travelers to inform themselves prior to travel through the appropriate channels.