Dumpman Films Spring 2019

Dumpman Films has been treading the track beds of Hampshire and Surrey this year, to provide even more entertainment and a companion for armchair disused railway travellers everywhere.
This year’s releases include one blockbuster and two smaller numbers:

  • Alton to Basingstoke                                    4 x DVD
  • Brookwood Cemetery Necropolis Line     1 x DVD
  • Ash Junction to Tongham                            1 x DVD

Alton to Basingstoke is most famous for its cinematic history, playing host to films The Wrecker (1928) and the best known Will Hay film, Oh ! Mr Porter ! (1937). Landowner permission meant that some delightful stretches of private, bluebell carpeted cuttings and embankments could be enjoyed en route. Permission was also granted to enter and film the station area at Alton Park (Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital station) and most excitingly, the station area used in the filming of Oh ! Mr Porter ! at Cliddesden. The exact spot of the staged train crash in The Wrecker was also found and filmed in glorious sunshine.
Brookwood cemetery used to have a three quarter mile branch running through the middle of it, for the delivery of mourners and coffins; two stations appeared along the route, one for Anglicans and another for non conformists. The authorities allow cycling in the cemetery, so long as it is performed respectfully and the speed limit of 10 mph is not exceeded. A few loose nuts and bolts needed tightening on the Chopper to stop it rattling disrespectfully, but we stuck to the speed limit and still reached the end of the line in a dignified manner, dead on time. The formation of the line and both platforms remain largely intact.
Ash junction to Tongham was originally part of a full scale main line, rather than the desperately romantic, country branch lines, normally closed in long ago cuts and favoured by Dumpman Films. Previously part of the main line between Guildford and Farnham, it had long been a short remaining whisker on the disused railway map that needed exploring and was ideally suited to some Chopper action.
As usual, every effort was made to faithfully travel the lines and fans of the battered Raleigh Chopper will be happy to know it put in appearances in all three titles this year, happily not killing its rider, not even once. The sunroof mounted car camera (Polocam) was also employed on parts of the A339 and on the bypass around Basingstoke, where roads have been built over rail. As usual, a forensic approach to spotting remains of the railways is followed, occasionally peeping through fences to achieve what you have come to expect.
Continuing the popular idea of celebrating the longevity of titles that have reached their tenth anniversary, 2019 sees these two on offer:

  • Clayton Railway Tunnel & Cottage 1 dvd, now £5
  • Crowhurst to Bexhill West Explored 3 dvd, now £10

All previous price reductions from the last few years remain as they are (for now) which is exceptional value in today’s peculiar modern world. 
As usual, full details can be seen on the catalogue pages of the website www.dumpman.co.uk and any questions you may have will be cheerfully and swiftly answered by email. It saves me a few pennies if you deal direct, but all the titles are on ebay for those of you prefer that route.
The Dumpman Films/Bald Explorer partnership is also planned to be revived in 2019, with a guest appearance on the Bald Explorer show planned for the 8th May and further outdoor railway exploring escapades later in the year. Search “Dumpman Bald Explorer” on YouTube to see everything we have done together so far.