Safely through the summer holidays – German Railways and Federal Police appeal to children and adolescents: railway facilities are not a place for adventure!.(Deutsche Bahn)

Finally – in Berlin and Brandenburg, the long-awaited summer holidays are coming! Time to arrange to meet to unwind and experience adventure. “Especially our facilities, railways and trains often practicing on young people a great fascination and arouse curiosity. We are therefore a major concern to make now for the start of the holidays again on the correct behavior of railway facilities carefully so that the fun does not suddenly deadly serious “is, says Dr. Volker Hentschel, Director of Production at DB Netz AG. “Every accident is one too many – and to avoid by following some simple rules.”

The main principle is: It is forbidden to enter railway facilities! They are not a place for adventure! Even if still pictures in the track or the shortcut across the tracks still seem so tempting and predictable – here threatens serious danger! Trains can, unlike road vehicles, obstacles not avoid and have a very long braking distance of up to 1,000 meters. They are also late to listen and not to be underestimated in view of their speed. In addition, you always have to expect that also features that are not available in the timetable (eg freight transport), the distances traveled.

“The climbing on parked trains is also extremely dangerous,” warns police director Nicolai Steve Schipfer by the Federal Police. Again and again happen traction power accidents in which children or teenagers are involved – most end with serious injury or death. Often not even aware of the young people that the railway overhead line carries a voltage of 15,000 volts. That’s about 65 times more than in the socket at home. And you do not even touch the overhead line. Even at a mere approach may lead to a life-threatening current rollover. “Therefore our appeal: Please stay technical railway sidings and away!”

DB and federal police have been involved for many years in order to avoid accidents. The need for education is still great. “Therefore, our urgent request always goes back to parents, guardians, teachers, educators and social workers, young people aware of the potential dangers of railway facilities,” said Schipfer. Be careful how and where children and adolescents spend “their free time. Explain to them what the consequences of gambling can have on railway lines and keep it to on to get help when others are in danger. “