Stadler and businesses of the SNCF group present at the Transport Logistic the new generation six-axle locomotives.(Stadler)

Today Stadler presented at the Transport Logistic in Munich together with VFLI and ITL, two subsidiaries of SNCF Group, projects under the new generation six-axle locomotives. For VFLI Stadler builds twelve locomotives EURO4001, for ITL four EURO DUAL hybrid locomotives.

Stadler has in common with the French rail freight provider VFLI and the German rail freight company ITL Railroad Company, Inc. (ITL) projects with the new generation presented six-axle locomotives at the Transport Logistic in Munich today. For VFLI Stadler builds twelve locomotives EURO 4001. In addition VFLI accepts the prototype of the EURO DUAL locomotive. Stadler provides four six-axle locomotives EURO DUAL family of ITL. VFLI and ITL are both subsidiaries of SNCF Group.

A year ago VFLI and Stadler signed the contract for 13 six-axle locomotives. The locomotive is twelve diesel-electric locomotives of the type EURO4001 and the prototype of the EURO DUAL locomotive. The latter can be operated on overhead lines with 25 kV AC and 1.5 kV DC. To could use the locomotive on non-electrified lines, it is also driven by a IIIB engine with 2.8 megawatts.

The locomotive EURO4001 following the EURO4000, providing a high level of performance and reliability. This powerful and interoperable locomotive is characterized by its flexibility, a high traction, low energy consumption and reduced operating costs. The EURO4001 is equipped with ETCS-board devices and a motor with a power of 2800 kW. This as a drive motor complies with the emission limits of stage IIIB EC 26/2004.

ITL, a subsidiary of Captrain Germany, has ordered the end of 2018 four six-axle hybrid locomotives EURO DUAL family from Stadler. The powerful locomotives are used in goods transport in Germany at a rate of up to 120 kilometers per hour and combine both modes of operation – electrically on AC lines (15 kilowatts, 16.7 Hertz and 25 kilowatts, 50 Hertz) and diesel.

The new generation developed by Stadler Valencia Co’Co’ locomotives optimized performance and reliability, resulting in a higher profitability of the rail freight business. The improved adhesion control system and a pulling force of up to 500 kN offer the largest towing capacity on the European market and allow the transport of longer and heavier trains with only one locomotive. The powerful engines can run with both types of traction at high speed through the European corridors with mixed traffic. The latest bogie technology causes less wear on the infrastructure and reduces costs for the rail link.

As regards the traction includes this model diesel, electric, and hybrid multi-system versions. The hybrid locomotive is more than just a locomotive for the “last mile” – it offers two solutions in one: It can be used on both electrified and on non-electrified lines. While driving can be switched from the electrical overhead line to diesel operation.

Alain RIBAT, CEO of VFLI., says:

“To meet the challenges of the energy changes to address and reduce the environmental impact sustainable VFLI has launched a fleet renewal program. So we give us a clear competitive advantage as we can offer our customers a more environmentally friendly solution for freight transport.”

Jérôme Méline, CEO of Captrain Germany GmbH, adds:

“We make our decisions conscious of the impact on society and the environment. Therefore, the increase in energy efficiency and minimizing the use of energy essential components of our operational action. “

Rendering EURO4001 for VFLI
Rendering EURO DUAL for Captrain (Stadler Images)