Stadler wins contract for eight FLIRT for Texas.(Stadler)

Stadler wins another contract in the US and may Dallas Rapid Transit (DART) to build eight trains FLIRT for the Cotton Belt project in Texas. The four-car trains are to go under the contract from the end of 2022 in passenger traffic. The contract volume amounts to approximately 119 million US dollars.

DART has commissioned Stadler for the development and manufacture of eight FLIRT and the planning of a service depot for the Cotton Belt Regional Rail project. The contract value for the diesel-electric multiple units (DMU) and the planning of the service depot is around 119 million US dollars. DART plans to take into regular service trains towards the end of 2022 according to the contract.

The new vehicles are equipped with 240 seats and 225 standing passengers. They also fully meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Equality ADA. To ensure the safety of all passengers, the trains are equipped with an extensive monitoring system. In addition, the trains are to be equipped with an automatic passenger counting, which registers the number of the incoming and disembarking passengers, passenger perceives greater accumulation in certain areas of the train and blocked inputs and outputs recognizes.

The FLIRT for DART drive a diesel-electric drive and meet the US emission regulations “Tier 4 Final” and the exhaust provisions of the Federal Railway Authority. Each train consists of four car body and a power pack in the middle, in which the driving equipment is housed. The trains have two motor bogies and four running bogies. The length of the train is 97 meters.

According to the contract, Stadler also developed jointly with the American engineering firm Urban Engineers, the service depot for the new trains.

This is already the fourth order for Stadler in Texas. CapMetro rail operators in Austin, Denton County Transportation Authority in Lewisville and TEXRail in Fort Worth have successfully Stadler trains in use.

Martin Ritter, CEO Stadler US Inc., said:

“After we have completed a number of projects for Texas, it is a great pleasure for Stadler, now able to equip DART with our ultra-modern trains. We are proud that DART has chosen our FLIRT and are confident that we can deliver a product that meets the high demands of passengers and our customers.”

John Rhone, DART vice president of Capital Design and Construction said:

“It was already a pleasure working with Stadler to work on the design and the specifications for our new trains of the Cotton Belt-regional project. Stadler’s focus on technological innovation and good design provides our customers with the safe and enjoyable driving experience that they expect from DART.”

Rendering of FLIRT for DART.(Stadler Image)