Stadler wins order for 18 KISS for DB Regio.(Stadler)

DB Regio and Stadler sign the contract for the development, construction and delivery of 18 double-deck vehicles of the type KISS for use in electric power East. The contract is worth around 220 million euros.

DB Regio AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, has been awarded the contract to operate the electric grid east northeast of the metropolitan area of ​​Hamburg again. From 2022 to 18 KISS (abbreviation for comfortable innovative spurt strong suburban railway train) are used by Stadler first time there. Today, Jure Mikolčić, CEO Stadler Germany, and Torsten Reh, head of DB Regio North, signed the contract.

The four-part double-decker trainsets, consisting of two rail cars and two trailer cars, up to 880 passengers safely, quickly and easily bring to their destination. Each of double-deck cars has 405 seats, of which 38 are in the first class. The areas of the first class are in the upper vehicle region and offer by a 2 + 1 arrangement of seats a comfortable foot room situation. The vehicles have coverage Wi-Fi, power outlets, and video surveillance of the passenger areas. A modern passenger information system and an electronic booking system enhance driving comfort.

In the lower part, the double-deck trains with spacious and easily accessible multi-purpose areas are equipped to transport wheelchairs, strollers or up to 36 bicycles and wheelchair accessible toilets. The access to the trains is infinitely variable, the doors are equipped with a gap-bridging and optimized for a platform height of 76 centimeters. 8 entrances facilitate a quick and smooth passenger flow at stations in a vehicle length of 106 meters.

The vehicles have driven bogies 4 by a high dynamics with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and can convey per connection by the possibility to couple up to 3 multiple units, up to 2,640 passengers.

The use of the new Stadler own train protection system GUARDIA marks another significant milestone for Stadler in the expansion of the business unit signaling. The train control system is to be retrofitted under the roadway support the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt.

With the order from Schleswig-Holstein, DB Regio AG now runs in the seventh province with Stadler vehicles, but nationwide for the first time with KISS.

Jure Mikolčić, CEO of Stadler in Germany, says:

“We are pleased to be able to continue with the order in the Schleswig-Holstein the successful cooperation with Deutsche Bahn. The award confirms the need for the railway company of modern, reliable double-deck vehicles with a silent running, carrying a large number of people comfortably and quickly.”

Torsten Reh, head of DB Regio North, adds:

“The fact that we are the first in the north, which will use these new Stadler vehicles at DB Regio, makes us especially proud. For our passengers, this means a very attractive, future-oriented rail service.

The new vehicles are to go under the contract in June 2022 trial operation in order to ensure, as a stable operating recording the timetable change in December 2022nd

Rendering of KISS for DB Regio
Signing the contract (from left): Samuel Haack, Torsten Reh (both DB Regio), Jure Mikolčić, Steffen fruit (both Stadler) (Stadler Images)