Stadler wins tender for 55 FLIRT battery for Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig Holstein.(Stadler)

Stadler has emerged as the winner of the tender of the local transport system in Schleswig Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH) for the supply of 55 FLIRT battery unit trains. Stadler was able to successfully assert alternative fuel in Germany so (no diesel) at the first Green Technology tender for vehicles. With the notification to the unsuccessful bidder that Stadler be awarded the contract, will now start the ten-day appeal period. Only after this appeal period of the award and the final signing of the contract can be made.

The Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig Holstein NAH.SH intends to commission Stadler to supply 55 FLIRT battery unit trains. This makes it Stadler managed within the framework of InnoTrans 2018 for the first time presented to the public trains with the new battery-drive technology to place in a large transport contract. In addition, Stadler will be charged with the maintenance of the vehicles over a period of 30 years. Over the next ten days, the losing bidders have the opportunity to make an effort against this decision a verification procedure. Only after this period, the contract can be signed legally binding. At this time, Stadler will provide detailed information about the job.