Top-level talks on a better path in the Lausitz(Deutsche Bahn)

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke and DB Infrastructure Board Ronald Pofalla: expansion of rail services improved living conditions at Lausitz • preservation and modernization of the rolling stock maintenance work Cottbus planned • With additional funds for the upcoming restructuring of the lignite region 23 projects will be taken forward for infrastructure development

(Cottbus), June 5, 2019 In top-level talks today have Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke and Infrastructure Management Board of Deutsche Bahn, Ronald Pofalla, jointly signed a declaration on the initiation of infrastructure projects in the corners of the structure strengthening law coal region.

Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke:

“Our Joint Declaration is a clear signal to the region that the promised support for the Lausitz comes. The German track is a strong partner for sustainable structural development of the region. Their commitment is important. We want rail stretch will be expanded. The measures provided for infrastructure projects and investment in the maintenance in the Cottbus DB work securing added value and jobs in the Lausitz. And who can forget: Once the work should be even closed. The regional government will support the necessary conditions for the measures. It is now important that the federal government ‘quickly brings that structure Enhancement Act coal regions, signs and implements. “

DB Infrastructure Board Ronald Pofalla:

“We not only support structural change in Lausitz, we make him as a German car. We want to make the plant at Cottbus attractive again. As a major employer, we are committed to the region and provide for commitment of funds by the federal government 150 new jobs at the plant. “

Specifically involves three measures of maintenance of rolling stock for the comprehensive realignment of our Cottbus: Strategic orientation of the work Cottbus for conversion of diesel locomotives on climate-friendly hybrid drives, further development of additional capacity for the maintenance of electrically powered locomotives including ICE trains Cottbus and the construction of a climate-neutral administrative and technology building for the technological development of maintenance activities in Cottbus. Here technology experts develop future solutions for hybrid drives in rail transport.

The track projects, state government and railway profess for example, projects such as the electrification of the routes Cottbus – Görlitz, Cottbus – Leipzig and Cottbus – Forst. In addition, capacitive bottlenecks in the corridor Berlin-Cottbus are eliminated and the railway junction Falkenberg be upgraded.