A fifth increase in train collisions at railway crossings. (BESIP)(Czech Republic)

 One fifth increase in collisions with a train at railway crossings – how to deal with crisis situations?

In the period of January to June 2019 has been colliding with a train of railway crossings recorded 84 accidents (by 14 or more, i.e. 20%) that resulted in five persons were killed (by 3 or less, i.e. -38%), 6 heavily (by one less, i.e. -14%) and 22 slightly injured (by one less, i.e. 4%). The recent tragedy of the family, who died after a collision with a train on a level crossing, and Tuesday’s collision with a truck engine train at Opava again reminded the danger that threatens to roads that cross the railroad tracks.

Crisis management at railway crossings

 Head of Road Safety Tomas Neřold says:

“Based on analysis of accidents and existing knowledge were created short instructional spots, which focused on the most common risks and prevent crises or manage them at railway crossings,The videos are mainly focused on the target a group of professional drivers and problems specific to this group, the majority of cases, however, can be generalized to all drivers. For example, in the video “drives away” is a real demonstration of how a car form passes the bar virtually no damage. “

Instructional selected spots describe emergencies at railway crossings with instructions for their solution:

–           Pike deceiving, the risk of premature entry to the crossing in an alert

–           I leave off, the solution in the event of the closure of the gates

–           Do not waste time, the solution in case of jamming of the vehicle in the area of crossing, the crossing number, performing signal “Halt, sealed all means”

–           There’s no place risks on narrow or short crossing

Spots can be foundhere

Balance of 2018

In 2018 it was registered 388 traffic accidents at level crossings, up by 26 or more, ie. + 7.2%. In traffic accidents at level crossings has killed 19 people, ie. 2 more yoy (+ 11.8%), and another 109 people were injured (by 11 less, ie. -9.2%).

Ing. Henry Fric, Ph.D., director of the Center for Transport Research,says:

“The Czech Republic has one of the densest networks of railway crossings in Europe. The severity of accidents at level crossings collisions with a train compared to other accidents has more than 20 times higher! K 31. 12. 2018 it registered a total of 7,858 railway crossings, of which almost half (3,884, 49%) was earmarked for roads. Most accidents (70) and slightly injured (30) at railway crossings with train collisions were recorded in 2018 on local roads, most deaths (7) and serious injuries (6), then on the road III. classes. “The highest number of accidents at level crossings 1000 was recorded in 2018 on local roads (39), followed by roads III. class (35), Class II. class (32), first class road (18) and tertiary roads (2).