Stadler wins tender for a further twelve FLIRT for PKP Intercity in Poland.(Stadler)

Stadler emerged with his FLIRT the winner of the tender for the supply of twelve electric multiple units for long-distance transport of PKP Intercity. With the notification to the unsuccessful bidder that Stadler be awarded the contract, will now start the ten-day appeal period. Only after this appeal period of the award and the final signing of the contract can be made.

The Polish railway company PKP Intercity intends to commission Stadler to supply twelve eight-part FLIRT multiple units for long distance service. In addition, Stadler will be charged with the maintenance of the vehicles over a period of 15 years. The new vehicles are intended to supplement the existing fleet of 20 FLIRT. These are since December 2015 PKP Intercity in long-distance traffic. Over the next ten days, the losing bidders have the opportunity to make an effort against this decision a verification procedure. Only after this period, the contract can be signed legally binding. At this time, Stadler will inform you the order.