Two innovations in transport carriers can prepare for a single ticket and electronic highway sign will.(Czech Ministry of Transport)

MPs are now focused on the two projects ulehčujícími life in the transport sector; They approved the introduction of electronic vignette since 2021 and discussed the Railways Act, which allows the introduction of a uniform tariff system. In addition, the Ministry of Transport today further development of a single ticket and so that the rail carriers have already received the necessary technical and contractual documentation system and so have all the documents for editing their own ticketing systems to the system to be launched next year.

An electronic highway sign

Videotollingu approved system will be operational by December 2020 and implementation is scheduled for the year 2021. User toll-road vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes will be able to pay the fee only on physical outlets, but also through the purchase of e-shop (via PC, phone, etc. .).

So whatever falls obligation to stick to the glass and then pulling down. The driver therefore does not need to have a car any form of paper signs, everything will be electronically only receives proof of purchase, and the confirmation of payment will carry him.

Buying will be like today, ten, monthly and annual coupons.

The aim is to increase the comfort of drivers, electronic coupons prevent counterfeiting, automated control, then ensure that the driver did not ride on the highway without payment of the appropriate fee.

Money from the motorway coupons go through the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure completely back into repairs and new road construction.

Single tariff system

With full system startup and involvement of all rail carriers is expected to December 2020, which is consistent with the text of the draft Law on Railways today discussed by the Chamber of Deputies. Transport Ministry assumes that if the readiness carriers may be initiated pilot operations on selected routes in the first half of 2020.

Single tariff system, using the business name “OneTicket – One ticket” should offer tickets that allow passengers to choose from more carriers easily use connections and travel across the country on the basis of one ticket at a uniform tariff conditions. It will be a system that in addition to discount tickets (which will continue to exist) allows sales of flexible tickets between any two points on Czech railway network.

During the first half of this year was the cooperation of carriers and integrated transport systems finalized contractual documents which set out the rights and obligations of the actors involved, associated with the distribution of tickets, providing transport and settling mutual obligations and claims. At the same time, after consultation with the carriers and their technical operators were set technical conditions for the functioning of the system.

The creation of a single ticket is among the program priorities of the current government in the field of transport.

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