100 years workshop facility Senftenberg.(Deutsche Bahn)

Anniversary celebration with an open house on Saturday, August 17

The German railway can look back in Senftenberg at a workshop location with a long tradition that has been 100 years old on March 1st.
Currently electric and diesel locomotives and freight cars are serviced at this location.

An anniversary celebration with an open house and a look behind the scenes is on Saturday, August 17, 2019 10:00 to 14:00 planned.
Here guided tours with a visit of shunting and electric locomotives are offered in which expert colleagues are also available to answer questions. Interesting is also likely to be offering a ride on a diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive of the series 294th

The following locomotive series (BR) are issued:

BR 362/363 Small shunting locomotive, built: 1955 to 1963
Power: 465 KW to 478 KW

BR 261/265 diesel hydraulic locomotive, built: 2008,
Power: 1000 KW and 1800 KW

BR 294 means heavy diesel hydraulic shunting and shifting locomotive, built: 1964-1974,
Power: 639 KW

BR 232/233 diesel locomotives, built: 1970-1982, Power: 2200 KW

BR 155 heavy electric locomotive, built: 1974-1984,
Power: 6x 900 KW

BR 145 electric locomotive, built: 1997 – 2002
Power: 4200 KW

BR 193 multi-system locomotive, built: 2010, Power: 2.4 MW

BR 151 electric locomotive, built: 1972-1978, Power: 5982 KW

BR 143 electric locomotive, built: 1982 -1991,
Power: 3500 KW

At the open house, the federal police, DEVK and BAHN-BKK are represented with information stands.

In the Cultural Center Reppist – outside of the work – the children’s activities are not forgotten that day. So are there including a trampoline and a playground ready. Also food and drinks will be provided. (Culture Center Reppist, Reppister Strasse 1 01968 Senftenberg).

Parking on the factory premises. The control and monitoring will be undertaken by an employee of DB security. (Cargo Workshop Senftenberg, Spremberger Street, district Reppist, 01968 Senftenberg).

History of workshop plant Senftenberg:

  • In 1912, the plans for the construction of a new dandruff and workshop facility began due to the growing volume of traffic and the limited capacity in the old, existing plants.
  • From 1914 then a semi-circular roundhouse, a two-story residence and accommodation buildings, a workshop and storage building and a water tower with a capacity of 500 cubic meters developed in four years of construction.
  • March 1, 1919 the anniversary of the railway operations work Senftenberg as an independent agency. It is located on the east side of the elongated from west to east station Senftenberg. Founded in January 1919 228 employees worked in the depot.
  • Some 60 years later, in 1980, a policy decision was made to modernize the railway depot. The old engine shed was demolished and a new, modern, corresponding to the requirements of an electric locomotive operating plant Lokhalle be built. In this context, a new approach to the work, a new turntable and other ancillary equipment originated.
  • On 20 March 1986, the foundation stone for the new engine shed, which was then officially handed over on October 4, 1989 the operation was carried out. From the depot Senftenberg a large, modern office had developed.