Contemporary Tango Festival 2019.(Deutsche Bahn)

20th-25th August 2019
The Argentine tango originated in the melting pot of cultures. This year we dedicate ourselves among other Turkish and Finnish tango. At the opening there on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the twinning Berlin – Buenos Aires a GRAND OPENING with stars from Buenos Aires: Maria Eugenia Parrilla and Yannick Wyler dancing to the music of the new band of the legendary Carlos Libedinsky!

Since 2009, the Contemporary Opera Berlin organized in cooperation with DB Station & Service and Marketing Company of the nationwide shopping Stations in summer a festival in the middle of Berlin Central Station. Since 2016, it focused on the contemporary tango as meaning and reflection of a culture that are available constantly changing variety combined with the special touch of spontaneity Berlin.
With this festival, we have a central place of arriving on accessibility to experience Berlin as a cosmopolitan stage.

The Contemporary Tango Festival invites people from near and far, six days dance with them or watch. In the center of the festival Berlin-based musicians, dancers and artists from around the world who are inspired by the tango in their creativity and invite us to a big party the embrace and encounter are. For those who would like to get to know this dance for the first time, there are also beginners’ courses.
… and as always, admission is free!

Location: Berlin Central Station ∙ Europaplatz 1 ∙ ground floor
Period: August 20, 20:00 (opening) – August 25, 2019