New bridges and modern technology – Berlin autumn interventions in favor of strong rail.(Deutsche Bahn)

CBI and ZBS for S7-East • New roadway expansion joints at the main station • Bridge program in the plan • Limitations in train traffic
The German web is its responsibility for the environment, for people and for the economy in the metropolitan region of Berlin meet. Strong rail means more capacity for future rail traffic. Modern control technology in signal boxes and on the track makes rail traffic in the eastern route network capital for the future. A second track on the outer ring on Karower cross and the continuous double-track expansion of Szczecin track associated with modern electronic control and safety technology provide space for more trains. This is accompanied since 2015 an extensive renovation program for 55 partly more than 100 years old railway bridges in the region. This year, the remaining 20 bridges are replaced. Then all the planned bridges are back in the best possible condition. 

By the summer a variety of construction projects in the Berlin S-Bahn network have been completed on time. In the fall of other large projects are in the spotlight: commissioning of the safety technology for the electronic interlocking systems S7 East and Karower Cross, replacement of bridges between Karow and Bernau and the installation of two prototypes of a roadway transition construction at the main station. 

The autumn activities associated with several weeks of disruption in rail transport and alternative measures. Information on construction sites, impact on the schedule and travel options are available in the Apps “DB Construction”, “DB Navigator”, the “route agents” of transport, under , and deposited. 

Restrictions in train traffic in East Berlin 

Closures from August 26 to November 14 ⋅ on the lines S7 and S75, from 4 October on the S5 replacement bus service with buses and subway 

In East Berlin, DB Netz is investing heavily in rail infrastructure: many kilometers of new tracks and new thresholds must be laid, thousands of tons of new gravel will be applied. It also changed in the entire range of modern train control ZBS. There is on the lines S7 and S75 from 26 August to 14 November closures, from 4 October on the S5. 

The restrictions in detail: 

first construction phase 

S75 – blocking Wartenberg <> Springfuhl 
Aug. 26 (Mon) 4:00 through to October 4 (Fri) 1:30 
– Basic: Track renewal 
– replacement bus service with buses: Wartenberg <> Hohenschönhausen <> Marzahn 
At certain times of the replacement service is extended until Springfuhl (see at S7) 
– S75 goes S7 Ahrensfelde <> Ostbahnhof (during the day in 10-minute intervals, with the S7 results in a 5-minute intervals) 

S7 – partial closure Ahrensfelde <> Springfuhl 
– Basic: Construction Materials transports for the track renewal on the S75 
– August 30 (Fri) to October 2 (Wed.), each Mon-Fri 10:30 to 13:00 
– September 7 (Sat) and 8 September (Sunday), from 10 am to 15:00 
– September 13 (Fri) 22:00 through to 16 September (Mon) 1:30 
– September 21 (Sat) and 22 September (Sunday), from 10 am to 15:00 
– October 3 (Thurs) of 10 to 15 o’clock 
– replacement bus service with buses: Ahrensfelde <> Marzahn <> Springfuhl 
– replacement bus S75 during these periods extended until Springfuhl 

2. construction phase 

S7 – blocking Ahrensfelde <> Nöldnerplatz 
S75 – Blocking the entire line Wartenberg <> Ostbahnhof 
Oct. 4 (Fri) 4:00 through to November 14 (Thu) 1:30 

– Basic: Start-up of the electronic interlocking, switching to modern train control ZBS 
– S7 Nöldnerplatz <> Potsdam main station moves (during the day in 10-minute intervals 
– replacement bus service with buses: Ahrensfelde <> Marzahn <> Landsberger Allee (section Marzahn <> Landsberger Allee without stop for quick connection to the ring) and Wartenberg <> Hohenschönhausen <> Marzahn <> Lichtenberg <> Ostkreuz 
– Additional transport with regional train RB25 planned: Ahrensfelde <> Lichtenberg <> Ostkreuz 

S5 – blocking Wuhletal <> Ostkreuz 
Oct. 4 (Fri) 4:00 through to November 12 (Tue) 1:30 
– Basic: Start-up of the electronic interlocking, switching to modern train control ZBS 
– S5 goes Strausberg Nord / Strausberg <> Wuhletal (10-minute Hoppegarten / Mahlsdorf <> Wuhletal) and Friedrich Hagen <> Ostkreuz <> West Cross (during the day in 10-minute intervals). Together with the S3 during the day in 5-minute intervals Friedrichshagen <> Koepenick <> rail 
– bypass with underground line U5: Wuhletal <> Lichtenberg <> Frankfurter Allee <> Alexanderplatz (daytime throughout the 4- / 5- / 5-minute intervals, not a vacation schedule) 
– replacement bus service with buses: Lichtenberg <> Frankfurter Allee <> Ostbahnhof (Mon-Fri 6-18 pm to relieve the U5) 
– Additional trips with the bus line 192, additional stop in Biesdorf for the bus routes X69 and 154 
– Additional transport with regional train RB26 planned: Strausberg <> Mahlsdorf <> Lichtenberg <> Ostkreuz 

On Thursday 14 November, the train will roll again for the morning rush hour on all lines – the S75 runs in the morning on that day in 20-minute intervals. 

Peter Buchner, CEO of S-Bahn Berlin:

“These works are particularly large and complex and require our customers a lot of patience. But investments in rail infrastructure are necessary so that in the future the train safe and reliable way. For a better understanding of the measures that we put in this week, we shot videos for the individual phases that we play on YouTube. ” 

Detailed information, including the replacement bus, passengers on the Internet at or the S-Bahn customer phone at (030) 29,743,333th The construction sites videos are available on YouTube

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