Putting Passengers First transformation..Takes Effect Monday 19th August 2019.(Network Rail)

As part of the Putting Passengers First transformation within Network Rail we designed a more devolved structure with five regions covering 14 routes. The commencement of the five routes in Scotland’s Railway and Eastern region will take effect on Monday 19 August 2019. The new regions have completed a rigorous safety validation and accountabilities and responsibilities have been clearly set out and assigned.

The standing up of these first five routes is an important milestone toward transforming how Network Rail operates and delivering for passengers and freights users.

We also continue to prepare for the standing up of the routes in Wales & Western, North West & Central and Southern regions which we expect will go live in September.

Becky Lumlock, Group Director, Transformation said:

“I am delighted that our plans to put passengers first by devolving power and decision making are taking another step forward with the routes in two new Network Rail regions going live next Monday. Scotland’s Railway and our Eastern region are now ready to go with their interim structures, having passed rigorous safety validation. Detailed design will continue throughout the remaining phases of the transformation programme and we will have final structures next summer.