Transport Minister: We are preparing a massive investment in transport infrastructure, the Czech Republic, the RSD will enable the transformation of a joint stock company.(TZ MD: Ministr dopravy)

For the first time since 1989 they are due to the team work of the government, parliament and the Ministry of Transport and its subordinate organizations, the conditions for a significant expansion of transport infrastructure projects in road, rail and water transport. This also helps the planned transformation of the RMD corporation. The vast majority of the remaining buildings to complete the motorway network in the Czech Republic will be launched in the next five years. He told this at a press conference to mark the first 100 days in office Transportation Minister Vladimir Kremlík.

Completion of most of the remaining sections of the motorway network will be launched in the next five years

Minister Kremlík said:

“I know that such a statement is in the context of the stagnation of previous years courageously, but I rely on the real facts: For the first time since 1989 there due to the law of linear structures legislation, which accelerates the process of preparing new road projects. Czech Republic and prospered thanks to its own and European resources can transport infrastructure rather invest massively. At the same RMD well advanced in the preparation of key construction projects remaining highways”.

This year is the construction of 243 km of roads, of which greenfield under construction 131 kilometers of highways and 60 km roads. In 2020, to be launched 194 km and in 2021 it will be 134 km. In the years 2022-2024 will begin construction of most of the remaining sections of the motorway network. Beyond the horizon of 2025 is the launch of a small portion of highway construction, particularly the northern part of the Prague ring road. “The trend of significant development of infrastructure projects built on solid foundations,” says Vladimir Kremlík and emphasizes: “It is the result of teamwork, which is seeing strong will of the government, legislators and painstaking work of employees of RMD and other organizations in the transport sector in the preparation of road, rail and hydraulic structures. “symbolic example of the progress in construction is that the D3 motorway leading predominantly South Bohemia will be finished until the border before it is completed follow the motorway on the Austrian side.

RMD transformation to a more flexible and financially independent entity
Transport Minister Vladimir Kremlík also started preparing a long-discussed transformation RMD. For contributory organizations followed a pattern Austrian ASFINAG has become a joint stock company. Vladimir Kremlík says: “The transformation of RMD on Incorporated is deemed necessary and at the same time completely logical step to accelerate and streamline the functioning of this crucial subject. RMD has transformed activities will be tied up limiting the instability of funding or lack of autonomy in decision-making and employee remuneration. The result of the transformation process will be a new RMD with greater organizational flexibility and significantly lower financial dependence on the state budget. Our ambition is to become a separate RMD prosperous society and also a popular employer for construction professionals and civil rights. ”

Safety is an absolute priority, value-added convenience
In addition to the preparation of new transport projects, the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with the RMD is working intensively on operational measures to improve the safety and comfort of drivers on Czech roads. Overall for motorway exits and highways alone installed 62 brand-STOP opposite direction. Key transport routes are only remotely monitored CCTV, but also the control of RMD vehicles. “The absolute priority for us is the safety of drivers and passengers,” said Minister Kremlík.

Safety is a priority not only on Czech roads but also railways.

Vladimir Kremlík promotes the placement of gates at all railway crossings risk. “By the end of this year will be installed bolts on 133 of 164 railway crossings on the roads. Besides classical barrier it is also the intention of strengthening the use of modern technologies. “

Czech model for the TGV high-speed lines
Investments in transport are not the only road, but also rail transport. An important milestone for its development was the signing of the loan agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to EUR 3 billion to finance development spending railway s infrastructure. This is the first part of the total loan facility of 11.5 billion crowns.

These funds will cover projects and high-speed lines. Their preparation will be greatly accelerated by several years thanks to the cooperation with the national French railway company SNCF, which has a high-speed rail projects, more than 40 years experience. Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) in cooperation with the SNCF finishes this year guide for the preparation of high-speed lines for the planning permission phase. VRT pilot project in the Czech Republic will track from Prague to Běchovic-Rican first large-scale work will link Prague-Dresden. Its construction toughest and most expensive part of the 26 km long tunnel under the Ore Mountains.

Czech visible changes through the station. Total is already underway or has been renovated 102 station buildings 1.2 billion, now reconstructed as the remaining part of the Fanta building Prague’s main railway station, station building in Havirov, in Beroun or in Frenštát. Total RIA spent on repairs between 2017 and 2022 approximately 8.4 billion crowns.

Deepening the Vltava river bed make freight and cruise ship hotel
Undergoing significant development and water transport in major Czech waterways included in the core infrastructure of trans-European transport network TEN-T (selected sections of the Elbe and Vltava). Work began to deepen the riverbed of the Vltava River between Prague and Melnik about 40 cm, thus boat can carry the same cost 30% more material. Have also begun work on increasing the height of underpasses, bridges across the Vltava, which will allow safe navigation not only trucks, but even the largest ships of the hotel, whose popularity in Europe is constantly increasing.

Transportation and historically important and technically interesting project is the reconstruction of technical monuments in Horin lock chamber, which will include the original stone bridge across the chamber replaced by elevating the bridge while maintaining the original appearance.

In conclusion
The efforts of the Ministry of Transport and its subordinate organizations to focus on it to be swiftly caught up debt in the development of transport infrastructure to the Czech Republic came mainly with their roads and railways to the level of neighboring countries.

Transportation Minister Vladimir Kremlík says:

Development of transport infrastructure is of national interest and I appreciate that in this area drag everyone in politics and government as a team,” .