Arrived and departed! Berlin’s new S-Bahn from now under way on the network.(Deutsche Bahn)

(Deutsche Bahn Image)

Test drives to every corner of the network ⋅ ⋅ extensive testing training of train drivers

Ya is not jesehn ‘?! Berlin’s “New” was the first time in the S-Bahn network on the road this week. For two hours she went on nightly test drive and became familiar with their future environment.

Sunday night at 1:45 am the door of the S-Bahn station Grünau opened in the district of Koepenick and cleared the way for the first train of the new series 483/484. This now travels every night every corner of the 327 km long route network from to check if everything is running smoothly.

Among others in the test:
• Check whether the train protection system is working properly on the Net
• analyzing the driveability of the vehicles
• ride comfort in the future network environment

Also, the formation of six “coaches for train drivers” that will train later another locomotive drivers for this series has begun. Because in the “new” technology is much more than in the previous series, and they must know the train drivers.

In June, the first train in the S-Bahn station Schöneweide had arrived and went through there already extensive tests in terms of functionality of the various components, vehicle handling, braking, passenger doors, heating, air conditioning, windshield wipers, lights, train control systems and more.

Previously, he had to store them in the Siemens test center for rail vehicles in Wegberg-Wildenrath (NRW), including type tests for safety against derailment, brake tests to measure braking distances numerous tests. A total of 160,000 kilometers of testing have to complete together until they come into operation on January 1, 2021 every ten pre-production vehicles.

By the way: In September, a second train starts its test runs on the network.