The Tornado Effect- The Story So Far

Steamtube’s presence and activity more or less corresponds with the appearance on the mainline of Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado.

The very presence of this fine locomotive has excited many a young..and old!… enthusiast to venture out and get photographic evidence!


The following is as chronological a list of video clips of Tornado’s activity since starting out.

All clips are from Steamtube members, who retain all copyright for their efforts……




A1 Tornado Test run 75 mphA1 Tornado 60163 passing through Woolmer GreenA1 tornado test run thrugh leeds 28 jan 2009 1 A1 60163 Tornado blasts through Birtley Co Durham 31 Jan 2009NYMR Tornado Test runA1 tornado THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 27.11.2009 260163 Tornado passes Finchale Training Centre'Tornado' mail train - GC Gala - camera wrong way around!'Oliver Cromwell' at QuornTornado's maiden mainline tripTornado!(courtesy Dunstable Dasher)Tornado's first run!Tornado at speedTornado North Road to Bank Top 7 Feb 09Steam Loco "Tornado" near Peterborough, 7 Feb 2009Great Central Railway Steam GalaA1 60163 'Tornado' with the Peppercorn Pioneer at Northallerton 01/02/09 Courtesy DoctorTankEngine60163 TORNADO ON THE VALENTINES SPECIAL (PM) AT MITRE BRIDGE JUNCTION Courtesy: Col6024A1 Tornado - NYMR Steam Spring Gala 0960163 TORNADO ON THE VALENTINES SPECIAL (PM) AT MITRE BRIDGE JUNCTION Courtesy: Col6024on A1 Tornado NYMR GALA 2 MAY 2009 160163 Tornado on the Severn Coast Express(ex-LNER) 4-6-2 A1 (reproduction) Class No. 60163 "Tornado"A1 60163 Tornado blasts through Birtley Co Durham 31 Jan 200960163 Tornado approaches Kimblesworth Sidings60163 Tornado storms through Manors, Newcastle with 28.2.09 'Auld Reekie' express.Tornado A1 LocomotiveTornado at Tyseley June 27th 2009

A1 Pacific 60163 Tornado slogs up Buriton bank 21-6-2009. Part 1A1 Pacific 60163 Tornado slogs up Buriton Bank 21-06-2009 Part 260163 Tornado pass Grateley 140209Tornado 60163 Bristol 26th July Torbay Express60163 Tornado Dawlish Torbay Express 5th July 2009Tornado 60163 Departs Bishops Lydard 12th June 200960163 Tornado Dawlish RTN Torbay Express 5th July 2009Tornado 60163 Leaves Wiliton 14th June 2009 West Somerset RailwayTorbay Express, 60163 Tornado on 12th July 2009Tornado July 2009 at Exminster60163 Tornado on severn coast expressThe Towy TORNADO 60163 25-07-09Torbay Express, 60163 Tornado on 2nd August 2009Tornado 60163 in Paignton 2nd August 200960163 Tornado on The Tamar Tornado 8th August 200960163 Tornado departs Gloucester 30 May 2009Action at the Severn Valley Railway (Thursday 29th October 2009)TORNADO at Severn Valley RailwayTornado VS BoatAction at the Severn Valley Railway (Thursday 29th October 2009)TORNADO at Severn Valley Railway60163 Tornado

THE CUMBRIAN MOUNTAIN TORNADO 10 oct 2009(HD) 60163 Tornado speeding past RossingtonA1 60163 Tornado: An Amateur Basher Photo MontageTornado Meets Scotsman60163 Tornado returns to the North East 24 apr 2010A1 tornado THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 27.11.2009 2(HD)60163 Tornado Storms Upton Scudemore Bank Warminster England 14/02/2010Tornado @ Kintbury, Berks 14 2 10Tornado @ Kintbury, Berks 14 2 10(HD) 60163 TORNADO Patchway Bristol 01/03/2010 THE St DAVIDS DAY CATHEDRALS EXPRESS60163 Tornado returns to the North East 24 apr 201060163 Tornado passes Tursdale JunctionTornado at WolvertonTORNADO(HD)60163 Tornado BATH and Bristol RETURNS 29th May 2010(HD)60163 Tornado BATH and Bristol flys past Keynsham 29th May 201060163 Tornado at Relly Mill Bridge60163 Tornado at Relly Mill Bridge60163 at Ais Gill 24th JuneMallard and Tornado leave NRM Courtesy:NatRailwayMuseumupto ShapTornado at WolvertonTornado @ Uffington 29/5/10Mallard and Tornado leave NRM Courtesy:NatRailwayMuseumThe Midland Tornado featuring 71000 Duke of Gloucester on the Lickey Incline(HD)60163 Tornado BATH and Bristol flys past Keynsham 29th May 2010(HD)60163 Tornado BATH and Bristol RETURNS 29th May 2010tornado & king edward 1st at plymouth 25th sept6024 'King Edward I' and 60163 'Tornado' on 'The Tamar Devonian' 25.9.10 The East Lancashire Tornado (26th October 2010): Part One - VIDEO 400!Mainline Steam 2010The Towy Tornado III 20-08-201060163 Tornado passing Rugeley Trent Valley (9th November 2010)Sim0nTrains on YouTube)The Christmas Coronation (with Cathedrals Express headboard) hauled by 60163 Tornado at TamworthA1 60163 Tornado 22/5/10 Berkhamsted60163 Tornado 14/02/2010Tornado on the NYMR 26th May 2011Tornado On The NYMRTornado At Grosmont

60163 TORNADO in brunswick green steaming out of Tyne Yard with empty stock 8 June 2011Tornado Light Engine Movement 9th June 2011(HD) 60163 TORNADO ECS Torbay Express returns to Bristol (pm)(HD) 60163 TORNADO Torbay Express returns to Bristol (pm)

the torbay express 3rd july 2011 tornado at kingswear south devonThe Torbay Express - 3rd July 2011Tornado Along Dawlish SeafrontTorbay Express -31-7-2011 P3

Torbay Express -3172011 P2torbay express 31-7-1160163 'Tornado' on 'The Cathedrals Express' 04/08/1160163 'Tornado' on 1Z66 'The Cathedrals Express' 04/08/11

The Cathedrals Express 60163 Tornado at Worcester Shrub Hill 6th August 2011The Cathedrals Express Tornado 60163 8th August 2011Cathedrals Express 60163 Tornado 6 Aug 1160163 Tornado Nr. Berkhamsted 6/8/11

60163 Tornado Hadley Wood 13/8/1160163 Tornado hauling the Cathedrals express (London Euston-Worcester & return)60163 Tornado Departs Eastleigh with the down Cathedrals Express 17 8 201160163 Tornado Berkhamsted 10/9/11

Cathedrals Express hauled by 60163 Tornado 10 Sep 2011Arrival of Tornado at Rugby on Saturday evening 10 Sept 2011Tornado dedarts Rugby Saturday 10 Sept 2011Tornado in Milton Keynes - Cathedrals Express 10 August 2011A1 Pacific Class (4-6-2) No.60163 Tornado at the Severn Valley Railway (24-Sep-2011)

Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala pt 3 Sat 24 Sept 2011Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala pt 2 Sat 24 Sept 2011Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala pt 1 Fri 23 Sept 2011A cracking day for it !

Peppercorn A1 Class 4-6-2 'Pacific' No.60163 "Tornado" SVR Autumn Steam Gala 2011The Caledonian Tornado - 21st - 22nd September 11.aviTornado 60163.MOVTornado 60163, 4498 Dominion of New Zealand & 70000 Britannia At Guildford 20.10.11.MOV

Highlights from SVR Autumn Steam Gala 2011Tornado MHR Oct 2011Tangmere and Tornado passing Bickley.Tornado climbs to Roade

60163 Tornado 11/11/11 Nr. CheddingtonBittern (as DoNZ) and Tornado depart MHR at 0500 tomorrow, 9 November 2011Hauled by Tornado, Remembrance on the Cathedrals Express 11 November 2011.MHR Autumn Gala 2011 : Tornado & Britannia depart Alton 28-10-11MHR Autumn Gala 2011 : Britannia & Tornado depart Medstead 28-10-11(HD) 60163 TORNADO THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 26th November 2011The Marches Monarch & Cathedrals Express hauled by 6024 King Edward I & 60163 Tornado6024 'King Edward I & 60163 Tornado on The Welsh Marches60163 Tornado & 34067 Tangmere around West London, 26/11/2011Kensington, with 60163 Tornado, 12 December 2011.

60163 Tornado, on the approach to Hounslow. 14/12/201160163 Tornado & 35028 Clan Line, 17 December 2011.(HD) 60163 TORNADO THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 17th December 201160163 'Tornado' at full pelt through Swindon on 1Z87 'The Cathedrals Express' 17/12/1160163 Tornado, crossing Bollo Lane Level Crossing, South Acton. 19/12/2011.60163 Tornado 30/12/11 Princes RisboroughTornado flattens Saunderton BankThe William Shakespeare 60163 Tornado 30th December 2011The William Shakespeare hauled by 60163 Tornado 30 Dec 2011The William Shakespeare hauled by 60163 Tornado

60163 "Tornado" on "The Cathedrals Express" - 24th November 2011 

After winter servicing at Ropley, MidHants Railway….

25th February 2012

Tornado steam engine on the Watercress line Tornado at the MHR

(HD)HIGH SPEED STEAM 60163 Tornado Cathedrals Express 10/03/1260163 Tornado 10/3/12 Reading(HD) 60163 TORNADO 'BEAUTIFUL IN THE DARK' THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 10th March 2011THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 no 60163 Tornado 10th march.avi

Tornado Leaving Ferry MeadowsVID-20120409-00000VID-20120409-00001VID-20120409-00002 

Tornado on NVRBarrow Hill 'Fab-Four' steam gala Photos- Sunday 14th April 2012.Llangollen Railway Steel Steam & Stars III with 60163 Tornado, 70000 Britannia 21 Apr 2012The Llangollen Railway's Steel, Steam and Stars event 2012

The Central Wales Explorer & Cathedrals Express featuring 45407, 44871, 60163 Tornado(HD)High speed steam 60163 TORNADO THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 1z31 1z33 12th May 2012ThumbnailCathedrals Express (Welsh Marches) with Tornado - 12th May 

LNER A1 60163 Tornado light move on the 23/5/1260163 Tornado with The Cathedrals Express at Lancaster - 31 May 201260163 Tornado on the Cathedrals Express 31/5/12(HD) 60163 TORNADO Cathedrals Express 1z69 26th June 2012

60163 Tornado speeds past Hanwell. short video 26 June 2012Pt 25: Snapshot of the Mainline to the South East(HD)High speed steam 60163 TORNADO Cathedrals Express 1z70 26th June 2012

Brilliant 60163 'Tornado' departure from Edinburgh!!60163 Tornado Berkhamsted 26/07/1260163 Tornado Nrthchurch Nr. Berkhamsted 26/07/1234067 Tangmere & 60163 Tornado, passing Brentford. 26 July 2012.(HD) 71000+60163 The Tamar Devonian 28th July 2012


1Z97 - The Tamar Devonian - [ 71000 + 60163 ] - Plymouth - 280712ThumbnailThumbnailAMAZING LNER 60163 'Tornado' Depature71000 Duke Of Gloucester & 60163 Tornado on The Tamar Devonian - 28/07/12

TOP CLASS Steam Depature | 60163 'Tornado' @ Edinburgh Waverley 25/7/12The Cathedrals Express ( London Kings Cross to Scarborough )Kylchap magic! 60163 TORNADO The Elizabethan setting off from Newcastle Central Station 25 july 2012North Norfolk Railway Autumn Steam Gala pt1 Sat 1 Sept 2012North Norfolk Railway Autumn Steam Gala pt2 Sat 1 Sept 2012

Nene Valley Railway Autumn Gala pt 1 Sat 22 Sept2012A Day in Life of A1 No.60163 'Tornado' on NVR Sat 22 Sept 2012(HD)60163 TORNADO @ Crofton THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 30th September 2012The Cathedrals Express to Kingswear -- 60163 Tornado -- 30th September 2012 Tornado Hits North Norfolk RailwayUndergoing winter maintenance at Southall.

Read “The Tornado Telegraph”   HERE         

Winter maintenance and repaint in BR Blue ….      


The Yuletide Borderer hauled by 70000 Britannia & The Cathedrals Express hauled by 60163 Tornado70000 Britannia on the Yuletide Borderer & 60163 Tornado on the Cathedrals ExpressThe Cathedrals Express 24-11-2012Tornado through Teignmouth(HD)60163 Tornado(blue)THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 1Z96 29th November 2012

(HD) 60163 TORNADO 1z31 and 1z32 1st December 20122/12/12 The Cathedrals to Scotland 2013     Tornado on The Cathedrals ExpressTornado through Honeybourne 19th March 2013(HD) 60163 Tornado in blue THE CATHEDRALS EXPRESS 21st March 2013 1Z63 and 1Z64

The Cathedrals Express, 60163 Tornado, 21 Mar 2013.The Cathedrals Express, 60163 Tornado, 19 Mar 2013.60163 Tornado hauling the Cathedrals express 20/4/13THE ELIZABETHAN day 1 ) with No 60163 TORNADO ( 11 06 2013 )SRPS Forth and Fife Circle Excursion with 60163 Tornado at Larbert 16-6-13

The Cathedrals Express, 60163 Tornado. 21 Jun 2013.SRPS 60163 Tornado at Alloa 16-6-1360163 Tornado on SRPS Excursion at Kinghorn 16-6-13The Cathedrals Express, 60163 Tornado. 21 Jun 2013.LNER A1 'Tornado' Departing KGX Elizabethan Tour 11/06/13

The Cathedrals Express 03-07-201360163 Tornado passes Hampden Park Station, Eastbourne. 5/7/2013.LNER A1 60163 Tornado on the mainline .(HD) 60163 TORNADO The biggist steam whistle ever The Cathedrals Express 1Zxx 7th September 2013The Cathedrals Express 07-09-2013

A1 Tornado Blasts Past The Severn Valley Railway 14.09.13The Cathedrals Express Tornado 14th September 201360163 Tornado hauls the Cathedrals Express on an historic event 14 Sep 13Tornado 60163 Stops at Wolverton for Wolverton 175 Celebrations 14 September 2013Milton Keynes Station - Tornado 20 April 2013Mid Hants railway - Autumn steam gala 2013 featuring 60163, 34046 and 70000Watercress Line Autumn Festival 2013MHR. Autumn Steam Gala-25/10/13-departures from Alresford.Mid Hants Autumn Steam Gala 2013Arrivals & Departures on the Watercress Line 25th October 2013

Undergoing maintenance at Barrow Hill Roundhouse. First scheduled run in 2014 is “The White Rose”, Saturday 12th April, from London Kings Cross to York and return. (as at 1st March 2014)

 Tornado at Arlesey 12 April 2014Tornado on The White Rose

 A1 60163 The Border Raider 5th July 2014.LNER A1 60163 Tornado at Lancaster Railway Station with 'The Border Raider'LNER A1 60163 Tornado at Penrith Railway Station with 'The Border Raider'LNER A1 60163 Tornado at Oxenholme Lake District Railway Station with 'The Border Raider'

 LNER A1 60163 Tornado at Preston Railway Station with 'The Border Raider'60163 Tornado - Raiding Shap On The Border Raider - 2014Tornado - The Devon BelleTornado August 2014 Tornado - The Devon Belle    Nene Valley Railway, Autumn Steam Gala pt 5 Sat 13 Sept 2014

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is delighted to announce the locomotive’s return to service following the completion of her eight month, £400,000 overhaul at Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW). The £3m locomotive was completed at DLW in 2008 after 18 years of construction and fundraising and named by TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall the following year. During 2015, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is celebrating its Silver Jubilee – 25 years since the project to build a new ex-LNER Peppercorn class A1 was launched in 1990.

60163 Tornado-The Highland Rambler 20-06-1560163 Tornado on loaded test run at Grantshouse 17-06-1560163 through Pitlochry 22 06 1560163 Tornado over Beattock on the Border Reivers 27/6/15.

Clan Line versus Tornado.LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 no 60163 Tornado + "BELMOND BRITISH PULLMAN" - 23.09.2015Belmond British Pullman, 60163 Tornado, 23rd September 2015.Tornado 23 09 2015

60163 Tornado - Returns To The Severn Valley Railway - 201560163 Tornado at the Valley - Matt Fielding/30742 photo charter[HD] 60163 Tornado on the "Belmond British Pullman" at West Byfleet - 12/12/2015120316 pullman 00013 

A1 Tornado - A Springtime Blitz Of The Surrey Hills - Belmond British Pullman - 2016020416 The Devon Belle 0001460163 'Tornado' on 1Z63 'The Devon Belle' at speed through Overton,Hants. on 2/4/16. 60163 Tornado on The Devon Belle. Sat 2nd April 2016

[HD] 60163 Tornado on the Belmond British Pullman at Addlestone - 12/03/2016 - New mic!  LNER A1 60163 Tornado at York Railway Station with 'The Scarborough Flyer'  The Robin Hood, 60163 Tornado, 13th August 2016. 260 to date 31/08/16